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What Lies Beyond The Window.
When I look through the window all I see is rain.
Pouring down from the heavens above.
Pouring down as if to say "Remember why you feel this way!"
They want me to remember all the pain and suffering you've caused me.
All the tears I've shed.
All the sorrows brought on and the joy that has gone.
To remember what you've done,
So maybe this time I wont go back for more.
And still among every tear that I've shed there's a longing that nags at me to return to the horror.
But beyond all the bruises and blood that I've shed.
Beyond all the broken bones and the sleepless nights.
Beyond all the "accidental falls" that I've taken and the things that you do....
I still love you.
:iconlynn-10397:Lynn-10397 0 3
Why Can't You Tell Me?
Why can’t you tell me?
But you can tell her instead?
We’re supposed to “love” each other. So why can’t you tell me?
When you have a bad day you tell her.
When you need a shoulder to cry on you turn to her.
You can talk to her for hours on end but how many times have you called me?
I call you and you have to go.
She calls you and you can stay.
When you’re in a bad mood you won’t talk to me.
I call her and she tells me why.
You won’t talk to me but you can talk to her.
You tell me she means nothing to you but I can’t help but wonder.
You’re not afraid to make her upset but you won’t do or say anything to make me unhappy.
You’re just covering up your identity.
I want to be treated like everyone else.
So why do you treat me like a stupid breakable toy?
Why do you hide yourself from me but reveal yourself to her?
Why make yourself unhappy by not being you?
Why not just tell me?
:iconlynn-10397:Lynn-10397 1 0
The room fades away....Does it?
I can feel you staring at me from across the room.
I try to ignore it and pretend that I don’t notice, but I can’t.
I think to myself “Just look up for a second, one peek won’t hurt.”
I look.
When I look up our eyes meet and I feel reality start to slip away.
The teacher’s words become muffled and the surrounding room starts to fade away.
This is what I was afraid of.
It’s what happens whenever I see you.
I freeze up and panic.
And I must look away. I have to look away.
You probably think it’s because I don’t truly like you or that I have something to hide.
But that’s because you don’t know how I feel and how I feel is what I’m hiding.
You just don’t understand.
I’m not sure I do.
When I see you I feel like I've been sprinkled with fairy dust and you’re that happy thought that teaches me to fly.
But when our eyes I feel like I've suddenly become claustrophobic and the walls start to close in.
It f
:iconlynn-10397:Lynn-10397 1 2
What is it?
Is it all those times spent laughing?
Is it all of the good memories you've had?
Is it your big house or fancy car?
Happiness is all of the time spent laughing and crying
All of your memories both good and bad
You can’t have the happy without the sad
It doesn't matter about your car or house
Happiness is where home is
And home is where your friends and family are
It’s where you’re happy
Happiness is what you need to fill that little hole inside that slowly eats away at you
You can’t fill the emptiness with money or a fake smile
You can’t buy happiness
So why try to?
Don’t just put on a smile and pretend to be happy
At the end of the day you’ll just wonder why you feel so alone
Just take a step back and look at all the things you take for granted
Because those are the things that happiness lies within
:iconlynn-10397:Lynn-10397 1 0
All Alone
All alone
Trapped like a dragonfly in a jar
Stuck in a crappy world
Where people laugh at you not with you
Every minute spent breathing is another minute wasted
All of this hate swirling around
Tired and worn out
It sucks the life right out of you
Eventually it just feels like a car crash
It all happened so fast you don’t know where you went wrong
Wounded and sore
You close your door
Lock it all up
Crawl back deep inside
All alone
:iconlynn-10397:Lynn-10397 1 7


My Soul to Keep
Heart beats fast,
fingers tapping,
nerves are stretching,
so close to snapping.
Try to calm down.
Take a deep breath,
feel so weak,
so close to death.
Nervously shaking,
and the clock's ticking slow.
When will it be over?
When's my time to go?
Can't wait,
about to break.
God, I'm here,
my soul to take.
Take it now.
I'm really done,
tired of fighting,
don't want to run.
I just want to rest,
just want to sleep,
take me forever,
my soul to keep.
:iconlostmyslef:lostmyslef 55 13
My Immortal Friend
Where are you,
my sweetest friend?
When did our friendship
come to an end?
I don't remember much,
but I know you're there.
I can feel your presence,
heavy in the air.
My immortal soul,
you should be gone.
Your heart stopped beating.
Your time is done.
And yet you stay,
unseen but not unknown.
Do you still recognize me?
I know I've grown.
Were you always here,
or did you just come back?
Why can't I see you?
Is there something I lack?
He sees you though.
I know it's true.
His innocent eyes
always pointed towards you.
Are you his friend now?
What happened to me?
Did we have a fight?
Just let me see.
I don't understand.
What went wrong?
Were you tired of talking?
Tired of the song?
Or did you do something
to hurt or to scare?
No, I don't think...
no, you wouldn't dare.
So, please come back.
My immortal friend,
or please be happy,
find your end.
:iconlostmyslef:lostmyslef 45 27
Little Star
You think you're the star,
Flying way up high.
Nothing can touch you.
You own the sky.
Your colors are bright,
no one shines brighter.
You're number one....
till you go a bit higher.
Farther in the sky,
there are stars that shine true,
and you cannot compare.
You're just little old you.
Those stars are huge.
You'll never compare.
Don't even try.
Don't even dare.
You're small and weak.
They're big and strong.
Your shine is meek,
and theirs is long.
So just give up.
There's nothing to do.
You're not good enough,
yes, it's true.
Wait, no.
It's not true at all.
Those stars may be big,
but keep standing tall.
You're a star too,
no matter the size.
Don't believe the insults.
Don't believe the lies.
Yes your shine is unique,
and done your own special way,
and that's all that really matters
at the end of the day.
So shine your best little star,
and know this to be true.
You may not be perfect,
but you're perfectly you.
:iconlostmyslef:lostmyslef 47 25
Just a Dream. Please.
I feel...
that this is a dream.
None of it's real.
Nothing's what it seems.
But sometimes I wake
with a gasp and a start.
Like being thrown in a lake,
the cold waking my heart.
And I look up in fear
at what I've done.
It's bringing me to tear,
this monster I've become.
The things I've said,
the people I've hurt.
I wish I were dead,
Six feet in the dirt.
This can't be real.
I won't let it be.
I don't want to feel.
I don't want to be me.
So I slip back into dreams,
where everything's okay.
Nothing's as it seems,
but I get through the day.
:iconlostmyslef:lostmyslef 40 12
I Say No?
How many times can you lose it all,
before you never get it back?
How many times can you fall,
till you land with a crack?
I get so close to the end.
So close to letting it go.
But something always seems to mend,
always tells me no.
I want to die,
but I need to go on.
I begin to cry.
I just want this to be done.
So don't keep me here.
It's time to go,
But now I begin to fear,
it's me that says no.
:iconlostmyslef:lostmyslef 33 21
I'm leaving
I'm not turning around
It's going to hurt
But I can't afford to stay.
I was there for you
But you turned me away,
I stayed until
You were okay.
I'm leaving this place
I'm not going to be a ghost
You've been haunting me
For so long,
I need to move on.
Eventually there will be someone there
That you'll want to have,
They'll care for you.
Like I did.
:iconbrin-chan:Brin-Chan 3 0
This Feeling
I've never known this feeling.
This type of loss
And sorrow.
I've seen death,
I've grieved for loved ones
But this is different.
Cause no one is dead
Except for me.
I've died.
I'm just a shell
With nothing inside.
You killed me with your words
And your actions.
You've weathered down my insides,
Over years of beating.
With one quick and final blow
You've brought me down.
I am hollow on the inside
There is nothing left for me
There are no more tears left to cry.
My eyes are barren and my heart is torn.
Broken and ripped by its careless handling.
I can't feel any more pain
No more emotions come to my heart.
A constant humming of pain
Crosses my mind all hours of the day.
I am past the point of breaking.
You don't understand how I feel
Or what I have been feeling.
You've never placed yourself in my shoes
You've never spared me with mercy.
I have died by your actions and words
I have died by your doing.
I don't believe I can be saved
I don't know what to believe.
No one came to save me.
I h
:iconbrin-chan:Brin-Chan 1 2
The Definition of Love- My Version
Love is unconditional,
It will always be, and always was.
Even when the peoples' bodies
Have grown weak and tired
And they are no longer here,
Their love still stands.
You can love everyone
You should love everyone,
But there should only be one love for you.
One person, one soul, one being
That makes you excited
Just by taking your hand.
Who you would go anywhere with,
And who can make the sun's light shine
On dark and lonely days.
And when you're scared,
They'd be the one to hold you
And make you feel safe just by their presence.
A spark ignites itself inside two people when they meet.
It glimmers and sparkles for the world to see.
When those two souls are with each other,
Sometimes it seems like everyone else except them
Can see the flame they share.
It is a fire that you cannot extinguish.
One that is fed by the love in each others' eyes.
No matter how far away that the souls wander,
No matter the challenges they face or the doubts they have
In the end they'll find each other.
To me
:iconbrin-chan:Brin-Chan 2 0
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